call forwarding platform

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a feature that enables a user to pass on the calls to another phone number when his/her incoming call is either not answered or not reachable within a specified number of rings.

call recording platform

Call Recording

Recording calls helps you evaluate agent quality. Whether the conversation is a general customer service interaction, or if it includes a financial transaction with important information, all of the information contained in the call can be saved.

call whisper platform

Call Whisper

A call whisper is a voice message that either the caller or the agent will hear before the call is connected. Whispers can be used for important reports or to give call agents information about a caller before the call is connected.

automated reporting platform

Automated Reporting

We offer plenty of reports that dive into advertising channel performance and team metrics. Every report can be filtered, exported, and scheduled so you can access very important data easily and quickly.

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