Between tree emergencies and routine trimmings, you have your hands full running a professional tree service. You definitely don’t have time to spend chasing down leads. 

Fortunately, with call tracking services, you don’t have to! 

Call tracking is a useful tool if you are using multiple ad campaigns at the same time, regardless of where they appear (i.e. online, print, and billboards). 

The right call tracking service collects and organizes data from these different sources so you know where customers are seeing your ads and which ones they are responding to. 

Features of Call Tracking 

Call tracking helps businesses answer callers with consistency and professionalism. You can find packages to fit any budget. Within each plan, there are useful features that can help you build your business and make everyday processes easier. 

Below are just a few features that make call tracking a great investment: 

  • It tracks more than phone calls – The right call tracking plan will also track inquiries acquired through email, chat, and website forms to compile all your advertising data in one place. 
  • Dynamic number insertion – Call tracking software assigns different numbers to each ad campaign so you can tell which ad caught the caller’s attention. The caller, however, will only see your official business number so no one is confused about your phone number. 
  • Call recording – Recording calls has several benefits. It protects your employees and customers, and it can serve as excellent training material for new employees. 
  • Text message communication – When you can’t be beside the phone or at your computer, a call tracking software can reroute calls and messages to your cell (call forwarding) or allow you to respond via text so you can provide immediate customer service. 
  • Automation of common services – Web forms are just one example something that you need a consistent system for. When an information request comes in via contact form, your response time is crucial in sealing the deal. Having an automated process for following up with online inquires ensures that every potential customer gets the answers they desire. 

Call Tracking for Tree Care Companies    

One of the most important things you can do as a home service provider is to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your service. Quality care will keep them coming back, and they are more likely to recommend your business to their family and friends. 

Listening to recorded calls can help you determine whether or not you are meeting clients’ tree service needs or leaving something to be desired. You can also listen for new keywords related to tree services that you can use in future SEO copy. 

Another advantage of using call tracking is that you’ll get a closed-loop snapshot of where your tree service leads are coming from, which is vital when you have a limited budget for marketing. Every call will be linked to a source in real time, so you can make instant decisions about your marketing needs. 

Call forwarding is also a benefit of call tracking packages. When you are on the job and not able to answer or for tree emergencies, call forwarding features can direct calls to another line so customers are always able to reach you. 

Also Included with Call Tracking 

In addition to the many great resources we’ve already discussed, there are a few other notable features included in most call tracking software. 

Interactive voice response (IVR) allows the caller to move quickly through an automated system and have their call route to the right person. If you have several people answering the phone, this can be helpful because it gets the caller to the person with the most expertise in their area of need. 

Many call tracking plans integrate with Google and Microsoft, so all your hard work developing your business profiles on these platforms isn’t in vain. This is especially useful if you are running Google ads. 

Real-time dashboards show up-to-the-minute information about your marketing campaigns. Not only can you make sound business decisions with this information, but it can also be used to train personnel in marketing strategies. 

Call Tracking for Tree Services is a Good Investment 

There are times when your tree service company is overrun with work and other times you are impatiently waiting for the phone to ring. That’s just the nature of home services. During those slower times, why not use call tracking to take a proactive role in developing leads? 

Down time is the perfect opportunity to follow up on previous leads, check in with longtime customers, and analyze data from your call tracking software to see which ad campaigns performed the best for you over the last few weeks and months. 

You can even track patterns in your business with convenient dashboard features from CallPanther to plan ahead for busier and slower times in the upcoming year. 

Investing in call tracking can be as affordable as you need it to be, with plans of all sizes and pay-per-call options as well, so there’s a perfect option for your business, regardless of size.