Whether you’re self-employed or the owner of a larger HVAC business, you know advertising is important. But advertising a home service business can be tricky because everyone knows what you do, and they usually only call when there’s a problem.

An advertising strategy for your plumbing business to keep things going consistently may include toilet repair, small leak repair, water heater checks and maintenance, pipe and drain cleaning — all things your clients need to do before they have an emergency. 

These services can be done at any time, but maybe your customers don’t realize that. Your marketing can be geared toward these preventative services as well as your emergency plumbing, letting them know that whenever they need reliable plumbing, YOU are the right choice. 

Call tracking is an excellent way to know if your marketing strategies are working. 

Call Tracking Makes Marketing Easy

Effective marketing takes time, and that’s something that small business owners are usually short on. And it probably isn’t your favorite part of running a business, either. 

By implementing call tracking, you will spend less time developing ad materials and more time reaping their rewards. 

Call tracking assigns unique markers to each caller. With the information you collect, you will have information about their geographic location, how many times they viewed your ad, and which ad prompted their call. All these factors allow you to better serve each customer and also promote your home service business in the most effective ways moving forward. 

On your personalized call tracking dashboard, you will quickly be able to visualize patterns in the leads that you receive from linked ad campaigns. With this information, you can focus on the ads that actually result in new customers (better known as conversions) and stop wasting money on the ones that potential customers aren’t responding to.

Why Plumbers Need Call Tracking     

When every dollar counts, call tracking is one of the best investments you can make for your plumbing service. Without being intrusive, call tracking organizes information about calls you are getting from potential customers and gives you valuable information to store for follow-ups and better customer service. 

Call tracking can be as powerful or simple as you need. Here are a few of the ways you can use your call tracking software: 

  • Automatically credits the phone call to the marketing campaign that produced it – Called “closing the loop,” this brings your ad campaigns full circle. When you can attribute a call to the exact ad that produced it, there is no confusion about which ads are performing best. 
  • Retargets past web viewers to convert – When a customer visits your website and “bounces off,” they are not a conversion. Retargeting a customer means that your ad will appear on a future website that the person views, reminding them that your plumbing business is still a great choice. 
  • Enhance the customer experience – A feature known as “call whispering” gives the agent answering the call a few details about the caller, such as their name, if they are a previous customer, and their geographic location. These details add a personal touch to the phone call and leave the customer with the impression that you truly care about their business. 
  • Improve future marketing – Seeing how previous ads performed will help you plan future marketing moves. At a glance, you will see information from online and print advertisements, so all your information is in one place. 
  • Improve customer service – Your employees will have the benefit of listening to recorded calls to learn how you want callers to be greeted and addressed throughout the call. You can also listen to calls periodically to make sure your business standards are being met with every call. 

Additional Benefits of Call Tracking 

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from call tracking, in more ways than one. Here are just a few of the benefits your business will enjoy with call tracking software: 

  • Saves money – Advertising that doesn’t work is a drain on your profit margin. By analyzing how effective ads are, you can better plan your next campaigns. There is less chance that you will waste your money on marketing that no one sees or responds to. 
  • Identifies where your customers are calling from – It’s important to know where your customers are located. This could indicate a need for your service in that area, or it could mean that word of mouth has spread about your plumbing business. Both are great news for your business! According to this information, you may need to market to a completely different geographical location.
  • Routes every call so that on one is left on hold – An automated answering system directs calls to the right person and even gives pertinent information about the caller so that every call is answered quickly and professionally. 

Invest in Call Tracking for Your Plumbing Business

If you wear many hats within your plumbing business, call tracking can reduce stress and streamline many of your daily challenges. Routing calls to voicemail, call forwarding, and call center answering are just a few ways you can stay engaged with your customers and leads so you don’t miss an opportunity. 

Basic plans from CallPanther are affordable for even the smallest of businesses, and they can turn your advertising strategy around.