Law firms need to incorporate call tracking into their marketing campaigns because it reduces the amount of effort and cost associated with marketing. Whether your office has just one attorney or several, call tracking can be a vital part of a strong marketing campaign. 

Professionals who don’t have a lot of time to spend on marketing campaigns appreciate the simplicity of call tracking. With little training, anyone can become a pro at interpreting and managing data from a call tracking service, which leaves more time to work with clients.

How Does Call Tracking Work? 

There are many different call tracking companies and plans, but basically, a call tracking plan will reveal which ads convinced customers to call your office. Within your website and ad language (something you nor your clients will ever see), call tracking software develops unique indicators that reveal where your business is coming from. 

When you know which online and print ads are reaching potential customers, you can spend more time and money in those areas and drop ads that don’t generate leads. 

You can also record calls with your call tracking software. Most companies have text features that allow you to answer client inquiries on the go. Softphone capabilities also make communication easier and more accessible between the office, home and court. 

And these are just a few of the features that can help organize your communication needs. 

Why Use Call Tracking for Your Law Firm? 

Although you have plenty of people on hand to answer the phones, call tracking goes far and above what an individual can do. Here are some of the best reasons to use call tracking for law firms: 

  • Consistency – Each caller will receive consistent information, from the greeting you’ve chosen to the way their information is recorded. No one slips through the cracks! 
  • Less money wasted on unproductive marketing – As we explained above, call tracking easily determines which ads are benefiting your business and which ones are draining your marketing budget. Optimizing marketing is the main use of call tracking, but as you see here, it is definitely not the only use! 
  • Better understand the clientele and market – If your office handles a wide range of legal matters, it is beneficial to see analytics about which services are sought more often. You can then tailor your services to divorce law, family law, workers’ compensation or any other area that may be in demand in your area. 
  • Get more clients – The bottom line of business is more quality interactions. Serving your clients well will earn their subsequent business, and it will lead to more personal referrals. 

Another reason law offices in particular can benefit from call tracking is all the call-back features that are available. During busy times, these features free up your admin assistants to do more complex tasks while never letting you miss an important call. This particular feature is a favorite in high call volume offices. 

Other Ways to Use Call Tracking

Not only can you see, in real time, the types of calls your law office is receiving, but you can also do all of the following with call tracking services: 

  • Listen to recordings for keywords to incorporate into SEO – Clients don’t typically use law jargon when inquiring about your services. Previous calls can give you a glimpse into the terminology that clients use. You can then use these key words in your advertising and on your website to climb rank higher in search engine rankings. 
  • Improve customer service – Regardless of who picks up the phone at your office, each client should get the same level of professionalism and respect. By recording previous calls, you can evaluate how well your staff handles incoming calls and use these calls to train new employees. 
  • Can have calls automatically directed to different departments – In an office that contains several attorneys, it is helpful to have a way to direct calls based on the legal matter they are calling about. By keeping your ads specific to one service, your call tracking software will immediately identify the interest area of the incoming caller and direct their call to the right area. This reduces wait time and frustration. 

Call Tracking for Your Law Firm 

Every law firm isn’t the same, so you’ll need to sift through the options to find a call tracking plan that fits your needs and budget. 

CallPanther provides call tracking plans that better accommodate smaller firms and larger packages that fit a larger firm’s budget. Weigh the options of each plan to determine which features will truly benefit your law office. 

Time is money in every industry and service. When you can delegate responsibilities and trust that they are being done right, it takes a huge weight off your shoulders and allows you to get back to doing what you do best.