Getting clients into your chiropractic office for routine and as-needed visits is necessary to keep your business thriving. You need marketing strategies that are effective and simple. After all, your time is better spent helping your patients than it is analyzing marketing data. 

You need a way to preserve these ongoing patient relationships while developing new ones. Leads are a great way to bring in new business, but if you just cast a wide net with no strategy, you’re wasting money. 

Call tracking for your chiropractic services will help you determine where the majority of your business is coming from and shows you where to put more of your advertising focus in the future. 

How Does Call Tracking Work? 

Once your call tracking software is installed, it is very easy to manage from your dashboard. Depending on the company and plan you choose, much of your information may be stored in the cloud, so it is accessible from anywhere, on any device. 

Call tracking monitors the ad campaigns you have online and in other places and assigns a unique indicator to each of these, so when a potential patient calls or fills out an online form, you can see which ad influenced their decision to call. 

This is the most common and most popular reason businesses implement call tracking software. However, it is far from the only benefit of these services. Below, you will learn other ways call tracking can benefit your chiropractic service. 

Benefits of Call Tracking for Chiropractic Offices   

Chiropractors depend on a steady stream of patients to keep their business going. One of the most important aspects of any business, let alone one that is as hands on as chiropractic care, is customer satisfaction

Call tracking includes call recording, so you always know how your staff is handling clients over the phone. You can use these recorded calls as training material and as a resource for new information that should be included on your website. 

Less overhead is another great advantage of a call tracking service. You don’t need dozens of ad campaigns running simultaneously to drum up business. Quality is far more important than quantity when it comes to marketing. Over spending on marketing can bleed your business dry. 

Rather than trying to be everywhere at once, call tracking can direct you to the prime areas and topics that interest your potential clients most.  

Finally, call tracking significantly reduces on-hold time for callers. This feature is especially helpful if you have different doctors and/or services in the same office, such as massage or physical therapy in addition to chiropractic. Because their call has already been identified by source, the call tracking system automatically directs them to the right department. This saves time and patient frustration. 

Is Call Tracking Right for Your Chiropractor Office? 

As a service provider, you know how fast word of mouth about your business can travel — faster than any ad campaign. There are so many ways call tracking software improves your daily business functions and makes it easier to serve your patients. 

For example, call tracking is an excellent quality control tool. To monitor customer service and ensure that your staff upholds your business standards, you can listen to recorded calls and monitor how many conversions each employee is getting. 

Call recording is important because it’s not always what your clients say, but their tone of voice as well. You can also pick up keywords from these calls that can be used in future marketing. Using phrases that potential clients use will improve your search engine optimization in your next ad campaign or on your website. 

Some call tracking software has the capability to automatically filter out spam calls, which saves your staff time and gives them the freedom to do other tasks. 

Choosing the Right Call Tracking Option

There are call tracking plans from CallPanther for every budget and need. 

Some plans only require you to pay for the calls you receive, while others are prepaid and include unlimited calls and ad campaigns. Features range from the most basic to highly advanced, so research plans before you end up paying for more than you need. 

Plans can include any combination of the following features: 

  • Call forwarding 
  • Call whisper 
  • Text messaging 
  • Call recording 
  • Auto reports 
  • Missed call details 
  • Custom greetings 
  • Call work flows 
  • … and many more 

The best call tracking software for your business should not be a financial burden. In fact, it should vastly increase your profits to the point that it pays for itself and then some. 

You must remember that when it comes to advertising, quality of leads is far more important that quantity. Generating a ton of leads for your chiropractic office doesn’t mean much if those leads aren’t going to materialize into new clients. Call tracking directs you to the most effective lead generation tactics for your business and ensures that you will get more quality leads in the future.